tangible entanglement

It's been ten days since our flight home from Hawaii. The best solution to document our vacation is to order a photo-book online. I'm enjoying every second of its compilation and can't wait for its arrival in our mailbox. This could possibly be my entanglement with a new obsession.


a sweet forgetting

Oh... to describe that first ethereal mouthful of creme brulee -- slightly crunchy caramelized sugar mixed with the meltingly soft vanilla and orangey custard. Two teeny teaspoons can suffice; just so I can look forward to the next encounter with this ultra-rich dessert and its elusive silken taste.


:: photos by Pr. Bong Lak Sung :: 
quite nothing else quiets hunger pangs than warm bread..
nor settles a frantic day than a steaming pot of water
waiting for the plunge of one's favorite tea bag,
~ both of course consumed over delectable conversations
with friends who knows your heart best.


honey all winter

the bee, from her industry in summer, eats honey all winter
~ belgian proverb ~
:: Allegan, MI ::

easy, breezy respite

my outdoor scenery at the moment is {most definitely} in hibernation mode so I can only be transported with my mind's eye to this dreamy afternoon by the river; relaxing with gracious friends who did not for one moment give reason to ruffle one's feathers.
~ ~ ~ amazingly, the owner of this hammock is now a missionary in the arctic where God is using him to bless and enrich the community of Iqaluit.
:: St. Jo River ~ Buchanan, MI ::

pink hued

these freshly cut dahlias from the local farmer's market of August conjures the same cool pink hues seen in this evening's wintry sunset. I long for summertime but the sky reminded me to savour this restful season for all its worth.
:: my home ~ South Haven, MI ::


colour my world in lime

certainly God is infinitely brilliant with His colour palette

salt & cool water

the fading light accentuated the crisp ice cubes
to be crunched on momentarily

over the din of an ocean

~~~ the crash of waves perpetually pronounces the dainty blossoms' tenuous survival so close by ~~~

morning glories

with a flight arrival late in the evening before, brought me this unexpected view when I drew the shades open shortly after dawn in our ground floor suite ~
awakening to new tropical bird songs..
lush rainforest ferns amongst hardened molten lava rocks..
unfaded jasmine scented blossoms..
warmth of a Kona sun for a full day of exploring the Big Island..
~ how could one possibly resist the exhilaration? 

a twilight dinner

crimson tidbits

juicy mini bites ~ waiting to be delicately picked by the cardinals... how fascinating to watch the males feed their sweet mates
:: my home - South Haven, MI ::

the language of flowers

My welcome-home summer bouquet from my husband, Kevin.

:: Yellow Lily ~ I'm walking on air ::
:: Iris ~ Faith, hope, wisdom and valour, eloquence ::
:: Pink Carnation ~ I'll never forget you ::